Fresh fish selected every day

Story of passion

The owners GINO TARQUINIO (chef), SIMONE GROSSI (waiter) and GIOVANNI PANNOZZO (waiter) gained over a decade of experience in the catering world before launching their ambitious project to bring their "savoir faire" to Rome. From a solid fishing background, they know exactly how to treat the product, keeping its precious natural characteristics intact. Moreover, the town they come from, Terracina, is all about tradition and quality, an area where fishing has always played an important role. It was here that the auction system was established, to unify and coordinate the commercial initiatives of all the individual fishing enterprises.

Our chef Gino Tarquinio therefore makes his daily choices within this framework of care and attention and the utmost respect for quality standards, choosing the fish he wants and developing a menu around them. Cooking today is more and more about ideas. A work of art is based around ideas rather than around technique and values. Cooking merely makes ideas edible, just as art makes them visible and tangible. Behind a work of art today there is the willingness to change, an intention to transform what has been created through creative cooking or emotional techno, that tries, for example, to express the taste of the sea in a dish. Knowing how to transform an object - that is not born a work of art - into a work of art is a somewhat grandiose idea, the great challenge that Gino embraces daily as his professional motivation. Gino Tarquinio puts his personality into every dish: it’s all about where he is, his feelings and his intentions whether or not fulfilled, and that particular day he is experiencing.

The restaurant’s philosophy centres around the harmonious alchemy of two key factors: the rigorous selection of raw materials and preparation of every dish on demand.

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